How The Flash\’s Flashpoint Will Differ From the Comics


Tonight the third season of The Flash kicks off with their version of the popular Flashpoint storyline. The big crossover that launched the New 52 back in 2011 has gone on to be one of the most popular Flash stories of all time, and after the season two finale of the show fans knew that was exactly where the series was headed.

Since the show doesn’t have all of the characters at their disposal that the comics had, they obviously can’t do the entire Flashpoint universe. In an interview with EW, Andrew Kreisberg explains how the show will differ from the comics:

“It looks like our world. Most of the changes are to Barry’s life and him being at the nexus of these changes. He’s put all of the people that are in his life — Joe, Iris, Cisco and Caitlin — and spun them into different ways. Obviously, the comic books dealt with this giant war between the Atlanteans and the Amazonians, and Thomas Wayne being Batman. All of that stuff is not at our disposal, which is fine with us because we really wanted to do something personal to Barry having changed his friend’s lives and Barry coping with [the fact that] he may have traded his happiness for his friends.”

Much like the comic Flashpoint forever changed the DC Universe by ushering in the New 52, there will be things in The Flash that will be forever changed:

“It will be resolved, but there will be consequences that last throughout the season, and quite frankly, last throughout the series. That’s one of the things that we’re attempting to do is have the pitfalls of time travel be long-lasting and that some things can be fixed, and then some things are broken forever.”

Maybe Flashpoint will be a way to get Kara Danvers on to the same Earth as Arrow and The Flash? Or maybe that’s something Legends of Tomorrow will handle…

Source: EW