Disney Reveals the Final Look of the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride in California



Previously seen only in concept art, Disney has released a video showcasing the final look for California’s Tower of Terror as it’s being transformed into Guardians of the Galaxy: Breakout.

The new tower will be called the “Collector’s Fortress” and basically will look a lot like the existing tower, although a big difference is that it will eliminate the open sections of the tower. In the current ride, the elevator doors open to a view spanning both parks. It’s actually pretty awesome to see at night. The new version of the ride will eliminate that and won’t feature an open section.

Disney released the video below as construction on the exterior of the tower is beginning right now and people will start to see this come together in Anaheim soon. Th existing Twilight Zone version of the ride will stay open until January, but the external parts of the ride will begin to transform to Guardians of the Galaxy long before then. This is being done so the whole thing can re-open in time for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 in May and the world premiere of the movie that Disney hopes to hold inside the park.