Rogue One\’s \’Enthusiasm Gap\’ Doesn\’t Correlate to Movie Quality


You’re going to start seeing a lot of sites proclaim that Rogue One is going to bomb due to an enthusiasm gap among the movie going public for 2016’s Star Wars release. This is already starting this weekend after crowds for last night’s Rogue Friday weren’t nearly as rabid as they were for Force Friday last year.

This has nothing to do with the quality of Rogue One, but because of the stratospheric hype levels of The Force Awakens, which no movie could ever possibly live up to. Here are the three big factors why The Force Awakens was so huge last year:

  • It was the first Star Wars movie in a decade.
  • It was the direct sequel to 1983’s Return of the Jedi, something people were waiting thirty-two years for.
  • It was the first Star Wars movie released under the Disney ownership of Lucasfilm.

No movie could live up to that hype level. It was a perfect storm and a once-in-a-lifetime movie event that everyone HAD to go see. The Force Awakens could’ve just been a redubbed version of The Phantom Menace and it probably would’ve still broken records just from the insane hype surrounding it.

Rogue One doesn’t have that going for it. So you’re going to see a lot of people proclaiming it a disappointment compared to The Force Awakens. It’s Star Wars’ Kobiyashi Maru. There’s no winning this year for Rogue One, and something tells me its one that fans are going to be spending a decade trying to defend against the narrative that’s already being crafted.