Rumor: Final Rogue One Trailer With Doctor Strange



A Twitter account sourcing “Disney Russia” is claiming to know the release date of the final Rogue One trailer.

Apparently Disney announced at some expo in Russia that Doctor Strange will go out to theaters with the final trailer for Rogue One:

Disney Russia announced @ last week's KinoExpo that a final #RogueOne trailer is coming w/ DR. STRANGE! (@kinometro

— TrailerTrack (@trailertrack) September 28, 2016


This isn’t uncommon for Disney to put Star Wars trailers with major releases, after all Age of Ultron went out with the 3D teaser for The Force Awakens even though it hit theaters a few weeks after it was put out online.

Just because Doctor Strange will have the Rogue One trailer in theaters, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait and see the trailer with it. Chances are very strong that Lucasfilm will release the trailer online long before Marvel’s new movie hits theaters. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see the trailer hit the internet within the next couple of weeks…