OSIRIS: New Dawn Arrives on Steam Early Access


In what is perhaps the most perfect release timing for a game in a long time, a cool new sci-fi survival game is arriving on Steam today. Just yesterday Elon Musk announced SpaceX’s ambitious plans to colonize Mars and then expand humanity to the rest of the solar system, so a lot of people are in the mood for what OSIRIS: New Dawn seems to offer.

The early access game is hitting Steam for $24.99 today and in it you’ll explore a strange alien planet while gathering resources to create a base, technology, and vehicles. You’ll be able to create a colony other other players, and face off against challenges such as dangerous creatures and experience weather changes.

“After five years of development, making Osiris available on Steam Early Access is like playing the game itself, incredible and frightening,” stated Brian McRae, CEO and founder of Fenix Fire. “This is just the very beginning of this epic journey, as we deliver what we think is a stellar experience to players. We plan to continuously add new content as we expand the mission. I look forward to hearing fan’s constructive feedback and seeing what they enjoy and what they want to be added to make Osiris as grand as space itself.”

Fenix Fire plans to support OSIRIS with future content, such as the ability to craft space ships and explore space beyond the starting planet. Here are some screenshots from the game, and you can access it on Steam now.