BBFC Says the 3D Force Awakens Blu-Ray is Six Minutes Longer



The 3D Blu-Ray of The Force Awakens is out in just a couple of months, and the British Board of Film Classification has an interesting runtime for it.

According to the BBFC’s website, the 3D Blu-Ray version of The Force Awakens is six minutes longer than the 2D version:
Interestingly this is also longer than the 3D version that was released in theaters, or even the IMAX 3D version. The IMAX 3D version is listed as about a minute longer, but that could just be due to additional credits on that one. But in the case of the 3D Blu-Ray even 3D conversion credits wouldn’t run six extra minutes as that would be reflected in the 3D theatrical runtime as well, when it doesn’t on the site.

Either this is some kind of crazy error on the BBFC’s site, or there’s something new added to the 3D Force Awakens Blu-Ray. It doesn’t necessarily need to be additional footage, something like an introduction by JJ Abrams could be considered in the runtime. This is definitely strange though…