Rogue One Toys Hit the Shelves (But Don\’t You Dare Take Pictures of Them)



Everyone who collects Star Wars toys knows of the infamous issues with Hasbro’s distribution. It’s actually a running joke in the Star Wars collecting community. It’s not uncommon for Star Wars toys to hit the shelves long before any official street date, and it’s also not uncommon for some areas to never see certain waves of toys due to the horrible distribution. Last year fans found the Rey (Resistance Outfit) at Walmarts the week before The Force Awakens, and they were rewarded with DMCA lawsuit threats for posting pictures of the toy.

Instead of fixing those distribution problems that puts toys on the shelves before they’re supposed to be out, Hasbro has decided to go directly to fan sites and issue a series of guidelines to censor them into compliance. Basically if any fan site leaks or promotes a leak of an unreleased Star Wars toy before the official street date they’ll be blacklisted from Hasbro. Even linking to a site with pictures (even without hosting them yourself) will get you affected by this new policy.

Many of the first wave of Rogue One toys are on the shelves right now. I personally saw some of them at Walmart tonight, so here’s a couple of pictures censored to the effect that would preserve the illusion that Hasbro’s distribution isn’t so bad as to get the toys on the shelf before Rogue Friday on September 30th:


Instead of worrying about fan sites and fans taking pictures of toys that arrive on shelves before a carefully orchestrated start date for a marking promotion, Hasbro should work harder to fix their distribution problems. Sure, there are people who welcome censorship under threats in order to keep free toys coming, but that’s an disservice to fellow fans. By supporting something that’s basically designed to cover a company’s ass thanks to their distribution problems, you’re acting like this: