First Look at Superman in Action



October 10th cannot come fast enough. Supergirl’s newest promo “Sky” for season 2 gave fans a first look at Superman in action. A catastrophic landing of an aircraft brings the cousins together. In the video we hear a news reporter talk about the impending accident and then we see Cat Grant’s worried face.

Before seeing Kara (Melissa Benoist) suited up as Supergirl we see the back of Superman donning the same colors down an alley way. He runs and then takes flight. We hear two different voices, a man’s and woman’s, both saying they hope the other superhero is seeing this accident play out and is on the way to help. It’s like we are hearing a news bulletin from both National City and Metropolis.

Then the most epic moment happens… both of the superheroes look at each other while flying in the air! Is this their first official meeting? Who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see until October 10th for the premiere of season 2.