Stop Exploiting Star Wars With Your Clickbait


There’s a sensationalist overreaction to a Walt Disney World story that’s being spread around today, and the site guilty of the clickbait slapped “Star Wars Land” in their headline to attract controversy. The real story is that Disney issued a survey (which they do ALL THE TIME) to Walt Disney World guests asking them what they would do if Disney started to black out certain annual passes following the opening of a new attraction.

Disney opens attractions all the time, and the survey itself was pretty general. Nowhere in the questioning did it specifically single out Star Wars Land, yet one major film blog ran it with this headline: “Disneyland Considers Prohibiting Admission To Annual Passholders For Two Months Following ‘Star Wars Land’ Opening”

Here’s an image of the offending survey page from WDW News Today:

There is no specific mention of “Star Wars Land” there. Disney is just floating an idea, which they do all the time with these surveys. As WDW News Today mentions, Disney has done surveys for a possible “Disney Uber” service and a $15 resort fee, and none of those things ever happened. Such a suggestion wouldn’t affect all Annual Passholders, as Disney does always have a top tier passport with zero blackout dates.

But today’s overreaction is just another example of a greedy site trying to exploit the “Star Wars” name with manufactured clickbait in a desperate grab for attention. They’re outright lying to readers and scamming them to read their site when the actual story wasn’t specifically about Star Wars Land. They’re just putting a flimsy connection to Star Wars on it because it’s a Disney story. There are numerous attractions and new things arriving to the Disney parks long before Star Wars, but I somehow doubt putting Guardians of the Galaxy or Toy Story Land in the headline would grab as much attention or clicks.