Disney & Lucasfilm Planning Star Wars Movies Beyond 2021


I think most Star Wars fans understood that when Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4.2 billion, they would continue to make Star Wars movies until the end of time. Much like with Marvel there was no chance Disney would make one trilogy and a couple of spinoffs and then stop making Star Wars movies.

Today Variety confirms that Bob Iger has met with Kathleen Kennedy to map out the Star Wars saga from 2021 and beyond. Rogue One is out this year, Episode VIII is in 2017, Han Solo in 2018, Episode IX in 2019, and the un-titled spinoff in 2020. This meeting was meant to plan what the movie would be in 2021 and continue from there. The article also mentions a similar meeting with Marvel, although as they have been doing this for a long time they apparently have stuff planned out through the end of the 2020’s already.

This news will comes as a disappointment to one small segment of Star Wars fans who wanted to keep the movies “special” and “rare” by having Disney take a break from the saga at the conclusion of the Sequel Trilogy.

Source: Variety