Rian Johnson Defends the Prequels Against the False \”All CG\” Narrative


Star Wars Prequels Behind the Scenes
There’s a false narrative being parroted across the internet that says the Star Wars Prequels didn’t use any real sets or miniatures, and now the director of Episode VIII has defended the movies against that falsehood.

A fan asked Rian Johnson on Twitter if Episode VIII would go back to the “Practical Effects” marketing that was used to lure jaded Star Wars fans back to the franchise in the lead up to The Force Awakens. Johnson replied with the fact that the Prequels used a lot of real practical effects and sets:

@Warmustbeend123 I understand how you feel Alessio, but if you're a fan of the pt you know they had a huge amount of practical fx & sets.

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) September 19, 2016


He once said there was “something beautiful” about the Star Wars Prequels, so Star Wars fans have known for a while that Johnson isn’t a “Prequel Hater”. It’s just cool to see the director of Episode VIII explaining the truth about the Prequel’s effects to someone publicly like that.