Marvel\’s New Pandering Publicity Stunt: She Hulk is Now Hulk



Just when people were wondering what Marvel’s next publicity stunt would be, they don’t let people down by announcing a big change to the Hulk comic.

Bruce Banner is the shocking death in Civil War II, which means he can’t come back as The Hulk. Recently Amadeus Cho has been the Totally Awesome Hulk in the comics, but following Civil War II that will change to Jennifer Walters, otherwise known as She Hulk. The Totally Awesome Hulk book was OK, but I was hoping they would get back to Banner sooner or later. With them killing him off, it killed off any chance of me reading Hulk anytime soon.

Hulk now joins Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America as core Avengers characters in the comics who in no way resemble the brands that Disney is pushing so hard in other mediums such as movies, toys, and theme parks.