League of Legends Becomes a Physical Board Game



Riot is taking the world’s most-played video game into a new realm with a physical table-top game called Mechs vs Minions.

Such a release was rumored for the last few days and now Riot made the official announcement by launching a Mechs vs Minions website and overview video. It’s a tile-based table-top miniature game featuring four different mechs and minions from the League of Legends universe. It’s for 2-4 players and features a story-driven campaign and “programmable” cards to keep each game different.

Riot will be making the game available for purchase in just about a month. It’ll be interesting to see how much cross-over audience there will be for a game like this and your typical LoL player. Pricing isn’t available yet, but with 100 minions miniatures included, it won’t be cheap.