Michael Giacchino is the Perfect Heir to Williams for Star Wars


Yesterday’s announcement that Michael Giacchino would be scoring Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was the best news since John Williams coming back for The Force Awakens.

It’s really no surprise. When JJ Abrams was first announced as the Episode VII director many assumed that Giacchino would score the movie due to their past collaborations and his history with Disney. Fans were fine with it then, and they’re even more excited about it now. While some sites may be trying to sensationalize the news of him scoring the movie this late, it’s actually a good thing as Star Wars is in good hands with Giacchino.

Everyone is familiar with his Pixar work and his new classic scores for the Kelvin-timeline Star Trek movies, but he’s been ready to take the reigns of Star Wars for a long time. His video game scores for the Medal of Honor games fit the tone of Star Wars, but even better is his score for Andrew Stanton’s awesome 2012 adaptation of A Princess of Mars, a.k.a. John Carter.

The original story was a big precursor to Star Wars and the movie (despite the completely wrong reviews) is an awesome sweeping bit of space fantasy in the same way the Star Wars movies are. And Giacchino’s score was the perfect companion to it. I’d suggest watching the movie with the audio cranked, but if you can’d do that right now the entire score is streaming for free on Spotify:

Ideally, Lucasfilm would make fans very happy if they managed to keep Giacchino scoring the “Story” spin-off movies while Williams did the Episodes as currently planned. Then, when John Williams finally reaches the point where he’s no longer able to continue Michael Giacchino would be the perfect person to take over the reigns of scoring the saga. He’s someone fans would want to see there, and he’s one of the few composers who can shoulder the demands that a Star Wars score has. He’s shown it in the past, which makes the Rogue One soundtrack a CD to look forward to.