For the Love of Spock Review



For the 50th anniversary of Star Trek there have naturally been a lot of retrospectives on the franchise’s first-half century. As a long time Star Trek fan, most of these have been pretty bad and in the case of the recent History Channel special, embarrassing (they showed a fan Photoshop as their Seven of Nine image!). But now there’s For the Love of Spock, Adam Nimoy’s wonderful documentary about his father and the famous character he played.

As far as documentaries go, For the Love of Spock reminds me a lot of the excellent Walt Disney feature “Walt: The Man Behind the Myth”, which was produced by the Disney family quite a few years ago. While Nimoy’s career outside of Star Trek is briefly touched on in the first thirty minutes of the documentary, the bulk of it focuses on Spock and Star Trek. Lacking any face-palm inducing mistakes like some of the other rushed specials for this Star Trek anniversary, For the Love of Spock easily becomes the best documentary to watch while you celebrate the 50th.

It’s filled with rare home movie footage (again a lot like the aforementioned Walt Disney documentary) and features interviews with both Star Trek co-stars as well as celebrities and friends who knew Nimoy the best. Fans are also featured very heavily showing the impact that Spock and Nimoy’s portrayal had on the public at large.

This isn’t a hard-hitting “True Hollywood Story” documentary, it’s a celebration of a cultural icon. There’s no better way to spend Star Trek’s 50th anniversary than to take a couple hours out of your day to sit down and enjoy this. Star Trek fans have been waiting to see how this turned out ever since the crowdfunding campaign begun, and the result is a documentary every fan should be happy with.

For the Love of Spock is currently available digitally on iTunes with DVD and Blu-Ray editions coming soon.