Harassment Like This is Why \’Bring Back Legends\’ Has a Bad Name


I’ve written in the past how the movement to convince Lucasfilm to restore the old Star Wars EU continuity has an image problem due to harassment. I even gave suggestions on how they can improve their image problem by stopping the harassment. Unfortunately it sounds like they didn’t listen at all, as I have just been hit with harassment from one anonymous member of their community.

Someone claiming to be part of the “Bring Back Legends” community went to my personal blog and used the contact form to send me the following harassing emails.

The first one was titled “Take down your articles on SW “BBL”, you are wrong!” and he spoofed James Floyd’s email address so it would look like it came from Jawa James:
The second was titled “You are a worthless Douchebag!” and used Eric Geller’s email:

Finally the third was made to look like it came from Mike at eleven-thirtyeight.com:

As long as the “Bring Back Legends” or “Give Us Legends” groups continue to harass people in the ways illustrated above, they won’t be taken seriously by other fans or Lucasfilm. In fact they’ll be seen in a very bad light. This sort of thing needs to stop immediately if Bring Back Legends wants Lucasfilm to even entertain the idea of bringing more characters from the old continuity back to canon.