Happy 50th, Star Trek!


Today is September 8th, which means it’s officially the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.

“The Man Trap” premiered on this day in 1966 on NBC but of course every Star Trek fan knows that wasn’t the true first episode. After Roddenberry turned in “The Cage” the network wanted a less cerebral pilot, which is where “The Man Trap” came from. Three years and 79 episodes later NBC cancelled the series but it would live on in syndication and grow to become the phenomenon it is today.

While I grew up a Star Wars fan, I became a pretty hardcore Star Trek fan in the late 80s. I remember it was the Universal Studios Star Trek experience that really made me a fan of Star Trek. In that attraction you dressed up in movie-era costumes and were filmed in a Star Trek adventure that was then put on VHS and edited together with clips from The Wrath of Khan.

So I was a TNG fan from day one, and watched all of the Star Trek series all the the way through the sudden end of Enterprise. Berman and Braga killed that show right when it started to get really good, and Star Trek would lay dormant until the JJ Abrams reboot hit in 2009.

And now we’re at the 50th Anniversary. Star Trek Beyond is easily the best of the three Kelvin-timeline movies, and Bryan Fuller is diving back into the Prime universe with Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access. While the 50th Anniversary had a bumpy start with the whole lawsuit against fan films, it’s starting to become a very good time to be a Star Trek fan.