Rumor: Marvel Coming to Disney Parks in a Big Way



With Guardians of the Galaxy officially coming to Disney California Adventure next year, the rumors of an even bigger Marvel presence in the Disney parks are starting to pick up. The problem with expanding Marvel to the other parks has to do with a long-standing deal Marvel made with Universal long before the Disney purchase. Basically Universal has exclusive theme park rights to Marvel characters east of the Mississippi. That means Disney is free to go hog-wild with Marvel in California, but they can’t even say the name in Florida.

That may be changing.

Now that California will be receiving the Guardians ride, rumors are picking up that Disney is re-negotiating the Marvel deal with Universal to allow them to use the Marvel characters in some fashion in Florida. The result will be a Guardians of the Galaxy roller-coaster E-ticket replacing Universe of Energy at EPCOT.

This rollercoaster was originally designed to be a Captain America ride, and if they end up building it in Florida the rumor is it’ll be build as the Cap version in California when Disney tears out the Hollywood side of California Adventure and makes it a full Marvel Land sometime within the next decade.

None of this is confirmed yet outside of the Guardians of the Galaxy ride in California, but it makes a lot of sense for Disney to put Marvel in the parks especially with all the money they’re spending to do that with Star Wars.