Luke Skywalker Himself Just Told Fans Where to Get Star Wars Spoilers


About a week ago, Hillary Clinton was giving a speech where she called out Alex Jones. In a perfect example of the “Streisand Effect”, the traffic for InfoWars tripled immediately and thousands upon thousands people went to the very site she didn’t want people to read. Now a major Star Wars site is experiencing their own version of the Streisand Effect thanks to Luke Skywalker himself naming them as a place to find spoilers.

While on stage at Salt Lake Comic Con, Mark Hamill was giving his standard anti-spoiler speech. Only this time, he name-dropped

“We want to keep these secrets, not to annoy you or play some kind of game with…” will redirect to, so Hamill just told all the fans at SLCC16 where to find all of the big Star Wars spoilers.

If you want to keep the Star Wars secrets under wraps, it’s probably not a good idea to name the source of the spoilers you don’t want people to read.