This Episode VIII & Spider-Man Trailer Pic is Fake



Just a heads up about an image being spread around social media with some trailer release dates, it’s fake.

The above image is being shared because it gives release dates for movies that people really want trailers for, but unfortunately it’s a fake made by someone who is uninformed with reality.

Before addressing the Star Wars trailer, the red flag that proves it’s fake is the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. Firstly, the studio releasing the trailer is wrong. While Marvel Studios is creatively producing the movie, it’s still a Sony Pictures release. Sony, not Marvel/Disney, is the one who will release the movie as well as all of the marketing surrounding it. I know the faker put the October 15th date there to make people think Marvel would put it with Doctor Strange, but they also wouldn’t put out a trailer for a June release before the trailer for May’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

As for the Episode VIII trailer, while some people are putting out rumors of trailer with Rogue One, it’s sounding like Lucasfilm will follow the same marketing plan as they did with Rogue One. That means they won’t start promoting Episode VIII until Rogue One is safely released. Most sane fans believe we’ll see the first Episode VIII teaser trailer (with a title reveal) when Episode VIII kicks off Star Wars Celebration in April.