4Chan Rumors for Every Announced Marvel Film


Yesterday there was a pretty awesome rumor about Man of Steel 2 that came out from 4Chan, and today there’s a big drop of Marvel rumors. These could be completely false, but there are bits of them that do make sense and don’t sound completely crazy and made up.

Doctor Strange:

– Test screenings have been very positive so far

– The recent reshoots were to streamline Strange’s training which takes up most of the second act, and also add a little more humor and a Tony Stark cameo

– Kevin Feige is being particularly careful with this movie because Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo are supposed to become major recurring characters in the MCU going forward

– The time stone is featured in the movie

– The movie takes place simultaneously to the MCU, with Stephen Strange’s accident happening shortly after Tony Stark returns from Afghanistan and his training spanning all the other movies

– Mads Mikkelsen’s character, Kaecilius, is aligned with Dormammu, who will have a bigger role in the sequels

– There are already plans for a sequel with Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor certain to return, but there are no other developments as of right now

– The casting of the Ancient One was complex because of how people perceive it as an stereotype and because of the association with Tibet in light of how the Chinese box-office is important to movie studios nowadays. Tilda Swinton was picked because of he unusual she looks

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

– The movie is pretty standalone from the rest of the MCU per James Gunn’s demands

– Ego is made out to be the main villain at first, but it is actually Ayesha, although Ego is also an antagonist. Taserface serves as a secondary foe

– Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone are playing members of the Ancients, a race of immortal aliens that hire the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Ego, as part of a bigger plan masterminded by Ayesha

– Yondu and Nebula are joining the team alongside Mantis, who is Star-Lord’s half-sister and a prisoner of Ego

– The Nova Corps will make an appearance and the Kree will also have a larger role

– Groot will remain child-sized for a large portion of the movie

– There’s a minor romantic subplot between Star-Lord and Gamora following the seeds planted in the first movie

– Thanos won’t appear in the movie, but will be referenced

– There’ll be no infinity stones, although they are referenced

– The movie ending leads directly to “Avengers: Infinity War”

– There are plans for a sequel, but James Gunn still isn’t officially attached to write and direct, although Marvel wants him to

Spider-Man: Homecoming:

– The movie has lower stakes in relation to other MCU movies and also a relatively lower budget

– The movie centers on Peter Parker struggling to balance his private life and his superhero life. As Peter, he’s trying to ask his longtime crush Liz Allan for homecoming dance and fitting in with being the new kid in a prestigious school he got in as a scholarship, while as Spider-Man he’s handling his first real supervillain, the Vulture

– Adrian Toomes, the Vulture, is a military scientist who creates a wingsuit using alien technology from “The Avengers”, and gets fired from it. He eventually learns he needs it to live, steals it and goes on a rampage, killing his former superiors and trying to find a cure

– The Tinkerer is a minor villain, a former Stark Industries inventor who’s supplyig crooks with cutting-edge weaponry and is forced to help the Vulture. He gives weapons to Shocker and his gang, who are opening antagonists

– Zendaya really is playing Mary-Jane, but that was a late addition from the latest script rewrite. At one point she really was “Michelle”, an original character. She’s Peter’s classmate who has a crush on him, and they end up going to homecoming together. Like him, she’s attending school on a scholarship. She’ll be the main love interest in the sequels

– Flash was also going to an original character, “Manuel”, but was made into Flash in the same rewrite that made Michelle into MJ

– There’s no Jameson or Daily Bugle in the movie

– Tony Stark’s role in the movie is pretty minor and he doesn’t appear as Iron Man. He gives Peter some life advice when it looks like he can’t deal with his first supervillain

– Stark mentions he’s keeping the Accords off of Peter’s back because he’s only dealing with minor street crimes, but might not be able to protect him if he keeps branching out to dealing with supervillains

Thor: Ragnarok:

– The movie will have a serious tone with little moments of humor, like “The Winter Soldier”, which is being used as a template

– Loki is the one that sends Hulk to the gladiator planet where Thor later ends up, Valkyrie is also a warrior in that planet and befriends Thor, but they don’t actually become a couple although there’s a spark between them

– Jane Foster is not referenced at all in the script

– Thor, Hulk and Valkyrie have to find the Soul Gem in order to defeat Loki and Hela, who has helped Loki usurp the throne, but is also planning to destroy the Nine Realms in the Ragnarok

– Loki is eventually betrayed by Hela and helps Thor defeat her, but then betrays him as well and gives the Soul Gem to Thanos, as well as the location of the other Infinity Stones, for his own protection when Thanos launches his offensive on the universe

– Skurge is Hela’s champion, but he follows her under false pretenses, and turns against her when he finds out what her true plans are, holding off her armies alone at the cost of his own life to give Thor a chance

– Surtur and the Fenris Wolf will appear, among others

– Odin has been living as a vagrant on Earth ever since Loki usurped the throne and banished him. He gets his full power back in the final scene to battle the Ragnarok monsters

– Sif, the Warriors Tree and Heimdall are returning. Heimdall dies

– Doctor Strange will have a cameo

Black Panther:

– This is supposed to be an actual political thriller and Marvel’s most serious movie by far

– Erik Kilmonger is the main villain. He’s a childhood rival of T’Challa and Wakanda’s finest warrior. As such, he was supposed to become the Black Panther, who is basically Wakanda’s chosen protector but T’Challa took the mantle to avenge his father, which Kilmonger views as T’Challa stealing his purpose, since once a warrior swears the oath and becomes the Panther, they’re bonded until the warrior is slain or grooms a successor. So he conspires to usurp the throne alongside Ulysses Klaw

– Nakia is T’Challa and Kilmonger’s childhood friend and there’s a love triangle between them

– Kilmonger’s plan involves the Accords, and amounts to triggering a war between Wakanda and the United Nations over their Vibranium reserves

– Secretary Ross will be heavily featured and Stark is expected to appear as well

– Bucky will have a supporting role and be brought out of ice

– They’ll heavily explore the mythology of the Black Panther and the traditions and customs of Wakanda

Ant Man & The Wasp:

– The movie will center on Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne on the run after the events of “Captain America: Civil War”, trying to prevent the Ant-Man technology from falling into the wrong hands

– Hank Pym will return, but apparently something will take him out of commission for a large portion of the movie

– Luis will return, but the other two, Kurt and Dave, probably won’t. Instead, they’ll introduce a new batch of quirky criminal associates of Luis

– Although they want to bring Cassie and her mother back, there’s a strong possibility Bobby Cannavale’s character gets written out of the movie

– The original Wasp will appear, and although numerous actresses have been named like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julianne Moore and Sela Ward, there’s no official shortlist and no offers have been made

– Secretary Ross will also be featured here

– Eric O’Grady will be featured as a government-sponsored Ant-Man

– The villains are apparently heavily modified versions of Egghead and Whirlwind, with Egghead being Pym’s nemesis back in the Cold War

– There’ll be more of the Microverse

– It’s apparently maintaining the mostly humorous tone and the elements of a heist movie

Captain Marvel:

– Very early stages of production, the studio is meeting with numerous potential directors

– Carol Danvers will be introduced and get her powers in “Avengers: Infinity War” after an encounter with Kree technology during a battle with Thanos

– Yon-Rogg will be the villain

– Writers are still figuring out the supporting cast, but two characters already confirmed are Monica Rambeau and Karla Sofen

– Although he won’t be involved in her origin, there are discussions to include Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel from the comics

– One of the biggest arguments is whether they should give Carol Danvers a romantic storyline in the movie. There’s been talks of adding either Mar-Vell or her original firstg boyfriend Michael Barnett, or maybe even a version of Dr. Philip Lawson, Mar-Vell’s secret identity, unaffiliated with Mar-Vell

– The studio is really careful with this one, as they want Captain Marvel to become one of their stahlwart characters

Avengers: Infinity War:

– The studio originally planned for one big movie divided in two parts, but the Russos preferred to make them standalone stories that compliment each other

– “Avengers: Infinity War” will center on the Avengers trying to prevent Thanos from assembling the Infinity Gauntlet. He arrives on Earth to reclaim the Mind Stone from the Vision and the Time Stone from Doctor Strange, leading to a vicious battle

– The Avengers will still be fractured as the movie begins and will have to learn how to work together to stop Thanos

– The heroes expected to appear are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Winter Soldier, Black Panther and Doctor Strange, plus the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive to help in the third act of the movie

– The Vision will be destroyed early on and the Mind Stone is taken

– Carol Danvers is introduced in the movie as a soldier helping the Avengers fend off Thanos attack

– The movie will end making it appear as if Thanos has been defeated, when he hasn’t. He’ll return with the full power of the Infinity Gauntled in the “Avengers 4” production, forcing all of Earth’s heroes to join forces to stop him

– Loki will be featured in both movies as Thanos’ advisor, while secretly conspiring against him

– Thanos will have a large army, the Deviants, to battle the Avengers

– Scarlet Witch will be pivotal to Thanos’s defeat

>Tentative titles for “Avengers 4” include “The Thanos Imperative”, “Thanos War” and “Infinity Crusade”

– “Infinity War” and its sequel conclude pretty much all overarching storylines from the MCU all the way back to “Iron Man”, while planting the seeds for a new status quo that’ll inform the next batch of movies

Source: 4Chan