More Rogue One Toys Leak


A couple of weeks ago the entire Rogue One LEGO line leaked online, and today we’re seeing some stuff from Hasbro hit the ‘net. One of the funniest things about Force Friday last year was the eighteen hour live-stream Lucasfilm did. Every single “exclusive reveal” during the stream was already old news because all of the toys had leaked before hand, and that looks to be the case with Rogue One.

We won’t host the images here because Disney likes to send attack dogs after leaks like this, but you can check out the new figure two-packs over on the Jedi Council Archives. They include:

Morof & Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader (Morof is the furry white alien seen in the BTS video)
Rebel Commando Pao & Death Trooper
Stormtrooper Officer & Poe Dameron (the figure still doesn’t look like Oscar Isaac)

There’s also a Rebel U-Wing toy with Cassian Andor and a TIE Striker with pilot. Also they will be releasing a Black Series Stormtrooper helmet that includes a voice changer inside.

All of the Rogue One toys hit the shelves on “Rogue Friday” September 30th.