Sorry, That \’SpaceBearLeaks\’ Episode VIII \’Shot List\’ is Fake


Episode VIIIFor the last week or so there have been people bragging about a private subreddit called “SpaceBearLeaks” that claims to hold a real “shot list” from Star Wars: Episode VIII. The problem is, as details from this shot list begin to come out, the story about it crumbles and it becomes more and more apparent it’s just fan fiction put together by people who never actually saw a real Star Wars shot list.

What people call a “shot list” is a very vague document that basically describes what was shot that day. They are completely coded, so if you don’t have a separate document to decode what the names mean they won’t make any sense, and they don’t really give away many details.

For example, in The Force Awakens when Han sees the Guavian Death Gang docking with his frieghter, the “shot list” would describe that as “The Pirate sees something he doesn’t like”. The Pirate being Han, but you wouldn’t know that without a separate document that decodes the codenames.

So when very detailed things start coming out, such as what’s described in this Reddit post, it starts to shine a light on how fake this leak is. For example, they claim there’s dialog in the document:

“It is highly, highly probable that Luke Skywalker’s first words to Rey are “You shouldn’t be here.””

There’s not dialog like that included, it’s not a script. Also detailed plot information isn’t there either. The leaker has said in comments that Rey’s parentage was what the “buyer” needed before paying for the shot list, but such a thing wouldn’t have that kind of detail. For a long time with The Force Awakens it was believed that BB-8 was carrying the Skywalker lightsaber simply because that sort of detail isn’t included in the shot list, in the case of that item it was usually referred to as “the object” or something else vague.

And the buyer angle of this is also a big red flag. The leaker claims they sold the shot list to a media site, which would never happen. This Reddit post explains it very well:

“Legal. If this leak ever gets published you can bet Disney will swoop in with legal thunder. Either way, the so-called “lawyer” TeddybdaGoat has publicly admitted to helping the sale of stolen documents. Since he would be the attorney of record in the sale, his name could be easily compelled by Disney, Disney could easily connect the dots and charge/sue him. At the very least, as Robotical pointed out to me – he could be disbarred for participating in the sale of stolen property. A good lawyer would know that and would never publicly admit to being a part of the sale of a stolen shot list. Unless you’re Saul Goodman and even then you’re smart enough to cover your tracks ;)”

No media outlet, even a fan site, would be stupid enough to pay money for a stolen piece of production from a major studio like Disney. They would be sued into oblivion for buying stolen property, and that never happened with Episode VII (despite some claims by kids on message boards). Back during the time of Attack of the Clones, Lucasfilm caught an employee stealing this sort of information and he got in some deep trouble.

There will likely be some cool Episode VIII plot leaks coming after the release of Rogue One, but until then this “SpaceBearLeaks” thing is: