King Conan: Crown of Iron Will Begin How the Original Ended



Even though the movie was very different than the source material, the original Conan the Barbarian had the perfect ending to set up a sequel. And now we know that the upcoming sequel King Conan: Crown of Iron will begin right where the original movie left off.

The movie’s screenwriter explains to Slashfilm that the movie will begin with the famous shot of Conan on his throne:

“It opens there,” Beall said. “It opens with this [hand on the chin]. It’s where you have to. It’s the sequel that we were promised and never got. I’m 11 when my father took me to see Conan the Barbarian which you should never take an 11-year-old kid to. It was a life changing thing. It’s an unbelievable movie. It comes back to [director John] Milius, right? There’s nobody better and it’s a real movie. It’s a truthful movie. Chris and I from the very beginning said there’s no reason to do it unless it’s a worthy sequel to Milius’s Conan and I think we’ve got that. I really do.”

Hopefully the movie forgets the pretty terrible PG-rated Conan the Destroyer. As they are focusing it as a sequel to the Milius movie, it’s doubtful we’ll get a Conan movie that’s truer to the source material (Jason Mamoa’s was close), but people want a sequel to the Arnold version and that’s what we’re going to get.

Source: Slasfilm