Star Trek Discovery May Deal With the Same Era as Axanar…


As more information comes out about Star Trek Discovery, it becomes apparent why CBS and Paramount targeted the Star Trek Axanar fan film for termination.

First we learned that Star Trek Discovery would be set in the Prime universe, and most recently Bryan Fuller confirmed that the show would be set ten years prior to the events of the Original Series and deal with an event mentioned in Star Trek lore. Inverse brings up the possibility that Discovery will deal with the battle between the Federation and Klingons at Donatu V, which is the event that set the stage for the cold war between the two during the Original Series.

Here’s the thing, that’s basically the story Axanar was going to tell.

When you realize that the new Star Trek TV series is going to be set in the same era and focus on the same event that a Star Trek fan film planned to use, you kind of see why CBS went after the fans and why the lawsuit wasn’t dropped despite what JJ Abrams had said…