The Original Fantastic Four Reboot Idea Sounded Awesome



Everyone knows how much Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four tanked. It was one of the biggest bombs of 2015, and likely killed the franchise on the big screen for years until Marvel can take it over and fix things. But the original concept of the reboot sounded much more awesome than what we got according the the film’s screenwriter.

Jeremy Slater explained to ScreenCrush how epic the version he wrote was:

“In addition to Annihilus and the Negative Zone, we had Doctor Doom declaring war against the civilized world, the Mole Man unleashing a 60 foot genetically-engineered monster in downtown Manhattan, a commando raid on the Baxter Foundation, a Saving Private Ryan-style finale pitting our heroes against an army of Doombots in war-torn Latveria, and a post-credit teaser featuring Galactus and the Silver Surfer destroying an entire planet. We had monsters and aliens and Fantasticars and a cute spherical H.E.R.B.I.E. robot that was basically BB-8 two years before BB-8 ever existed. And if you think all of that sounds great…well, yeah, we did, too. The problem was, it would have also been massively, MASSIVELY expensive.”

Maybe we’ll see something like that once Marvel gets control of the franchise again, because that’s pretty much the cinematic Fantastic Four fans deserve.