John Williams is NOT Starting the Episode VIII Score Early



This weekend Star Wars fans went into a frenzy when a report came out that said John Williams would begin work on the Episode VIII score soon. The early nature of this lead to speculation that Disney could be moving the release date back to May, but now it’s apparent that Williams never said he was going to start work on the movie early at all.

StarWarsNewsNet was sent a video of John Williams’ actual remarks at the event, and in it he only mentions he saw an early cut of Episode VIII. Nowhere does he mention that he would already be starting the score sixteen months prior to release. This means there’s no way the date for Episode VIII would be moving up.

Here’s the video of the John Williams comments that started the firestorm this weekend. He only talks about meeting with Kathleen Kennedy and how he doesn’t want anyone else writing music for Daisy Ridley, which isn’t news as he said that before: