Speculation: The Episode VIII Date Could Move Back to May 2017


Episode VIII

This morning the Star Wars fanbase is buzzing with news that John Williams is about to begin scoring Star Wars: Episode VIII. However, what some people are beginning to notice is how early he’s beginning work on the movie.

The scoring of The Force Awakens worked a bit differently than most movies, where Williams began work on the movie as it was being edited and started work on the movie about six months prior to release. While the majority of the recording was done in October of last year (just two months before release) Williams began writing the themes last summer. Still, he was doing so just a few months prior to the film’s release.

Williams says that Rian Johnson showed him a rough cut of the movie and he’ll begin scoring it shortly. This is sixteen months before the scheduled release of December 15, 2017. It’s more than a year away.

Because of this there is a bit of speculation that’s starting to spread that Disney could push Pirates 5 out of its May 2017 release and put Episode VIII back. That means it’ll be in its originally scheduled May release date, and they’ll have a Star Wars movie in theaters just a couple days after the official 40th anniversary of the franchise.

While Disney did tease Pirates 5 at D23 Expo last year, it’s been pretty quiet about the movie (which has already been moved previously). There are some books scheduled to come out next May to support the release, but as Star Wars fans know books can always be delayed as well. Disney could easily shift Pirates 5 later in the summer to make room for Episode VIII in its original release date.

Another thing that’s interesting is that Hasbro is rumored to not be releasing as many Rogue One toys as they did for The Force Awakens. Before this John Williams thing came out that just sounded like they didn’t have much faith in Rogue One to move toys, but if Hasbro has another big line of figures coming out five months after Rogue One it would make a lot of sense for their output this fall to be a little smaller.

Unless Lucasfilm plans to finish Episode VIII early and just have the movie sitting on the shelf for six months, moving the date back starts to sound less crazy. Imagine the hype they’d generate if they announced the final title of the movie, and on the same day reveal it’ll be coming out in May like it originally was intended to?