The Two New Deleted Scenes on The Force Awakens 3D Blu-Ray Revealed



Yesterday Lucasfilm announced the deluxe 3D Collector’s Edition of The Force Awakens, and fans were left wondering what was actually new on the set.

The deluxe Collector’s Edition includes all of the special features from the April release, including all of the previously digital-exclusive extras from iTunes and Target. That includes the Han Solo “Tunnel Standoff” deleted scene that was previously a digital-exclusive.

New deleted scenes are promised, and there are two: Leia & The Resistance and Unkar Plutt at Maz’s Castle.

The first obviously is more of Leia as there was a lot of stuff with her that they cut out, and there was already one of those scenes included in the original six deleted scenes. The second one is a bit more interesting as it was one of the long-rumored sequences cut out of the movie.

Based on the rumors, Unkar Plutt shows up at Maz’s Castle when Han, Rey, and Finn are there. Plutt gets in Chewie’s face and learns why it’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.

There will also be two new featurettes included, Foley: A Sonic Tale and Sounds of the Resistance. Of course, the JJ Abrams audio commentary is also new.