There is No R-Rated Cut of Suicide Squad


Ever since the release of Suicide Squad a segment of comic book fans have been pining for a R-Rated release much like Deadpool or Batman V Superman. In a comment that will deflate their hype, the film’s director confirmed there is no R-Rated version of Suicide Squad laying around for them to release.

David Ayer told Empire Magazine that the movie was always intended to be PG-13 even before they began filming, so there’s no version out there that has an R-Rating:

“You could easily make this R-rated by having two F-bombs or someone smoke a cigarette. But that’s not what I think people mean when they ask for an R-rated version, so it was always meant to be a PG-13. It’s a decision you make before you turn the cameras on.”

One thing that sucks about this is that I actually saw some websites urging people to not go see Suicide Squad in order to force Warner Brothers to release a R-Rated version. With what Ayer said, those people look like complete idiots as they were urging people to not go see a movie in favor of a version that doesn’t actually exist at all.