Rogue One\’s Jedha is the Planet Lightsabers Come From


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(Donnie Yen)Ph: Film Frame©Lucasfilm LFL

One of the new planets in Rogue One, Jedha, is described as a Jedi pilgrimage site and now we know one reason why that is.

It’s been speculated that Jedha could have a connection to lighsabers, much like Ilum did in The Clone Wars (and it’s believed that Ilum was turned into Starkiller Base). In an interview with ExtraTV, Donnie Yen confirms that Jedha is the planet that has the resources needed to create lightsabers:


Apparently the upcoming Ahsoka novel will explain how this meshes with the canon setting of Ilum, where we saw younglings getting their lightsaber crystals in The Clone Wars.

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