Music Is Coming! Game of Thrones Announces Concert Tour



Game of Thrones may be gone for the next year (word is they are pushing for a later start date), but fans of the hit show are in for a treat. Announced yesterday, an immersive concert of the series’ score will be coming to North America in winter 2017. Ramin Djawadi, the mastermind composer, will be at the helm, traveling with a live orchestra and choir. The concert will also feature many scenes from the show, providing a transcended experience of Game of Thrones, above that of simply watching at home.  Audience members will be immersed in the music as they watch pivotal scenes and relive moments with characters both current and past.

For Game of Thrones fans and music lovers alike, this is exciting news because honestly, who hasn’t gotten chills hearing the opening theme or are both entranced yet frightened of “The Rains of Castamere”? Djawadi’s scores are elegant and regal, bringing an epic tone to the show and provide memorable and iconic tracks for fans to enjoy for years to come. The concert is no doubt going to be an fantastic addition to the show and soundtrack.

The concert begins February 17th in Saint Paul Minnesota and concludes on April 2nd in Portland Oregon. To get tickets, visit the Game of Thrones Facebook page under events.

Go on, let your excitement show…..