Sony Abusing YouTube Copyright to Silence No Man\’s Sky Discussion



Hello Games’ big “indie” PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive has accidentally made its way into the hands of some gamers early, but if you dare talk about it on YouTube Sony will slap you with a DMCA copyright claim. I’m not talking about showing footage of the pre-release version of the game, simply discussing the title in any way can trigger Sony into manually slapping your YouTube channel with a copyright claim.

GameInformer has a rundown of some of the YouTubers who have been hit with manual copyright strikes from Sony Computer Entertainment for simply discussing No Man’s Sky. A manual strike means that someone at Sony Computer Entertainment actually looked at the video and reported it to YouTube for a take-down, this is different than the automated ContentID matching system that is normally used to pull videos that show footage of unreleased games.


The problem with what’s going on here is that these videos aren’t showing footage of the early release (which wasn’t pirated, people actually have the disc in-hand). They were just discussing the game and the controversy over the early release. They weren’t violating the street date in any way, but Sony apparently doesn’t want anyone talking about the game so they’re abusing the copyright system to censor gamers.

So far at least four rather large YouTubers have been hit with the manual copyright strikes from SCEA. That’s four channels that Sony decided to censor and disable their ability to livestream anything, as if you have a copyright strike YouTube disables your livestream capability. One channel had nearly a million subscribers, yet Sony decided to manually censor them from talking about the game.

No Man’s Sky releases this week for the PS4 and PC, but don’t you dare talk about it or else Sony will slap you with a copyright claim on your opinion.