Legends of Superflarrow Unite!


Over an hour ago Stephen Amell posted a photo to his Instagram (stephenamell) of what fans are calling Legends of Superflarrow with the caption “Coming soon.” It already has over 88,000 likes.

He posted the same photo on Twitter (@stephenamell), which has over 17,000 favorites. The thousands of likes in such a short amount time show the following these shows have. I know I let out a fan girl squeal when I saw the picture of these beloved characters legs.

That’s right. We didn’t even get a picture of their faces and are flipping out in excitement. For all we know they could be people masking as Stephen Amell (the Arrow), Brandon Routh (the Atom), Grant Gustin (the Flash), Caity Lotz (the White Canary), and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl).

But more than likely these are the actual people teaming up in Vancouver for the highly anticipated crossover event, which will happen later this fall. While no major spoilers have been released I know we will be eagerly awaiting for any news.