Batman: The Telltale Series is Excellent


Today marks the release of the first episode of Telltale Games’ six-part Batman episodic story, and it’s one of the best of Telltale’s recent output.

If you’ve never played a Telltale game, they’re basically a modern version of a PC point-and-click adventure game although their recent output has eliminated most puzzles. It’s not a combat heavy action experience, as any action is handled in a quick-time-event where you just tap buttons or move in a direction. The core game is the story, and for Batman they’ve done a pretty cool job creating an original Batman tale.

Set early in his career, Harvey Dent isn’t Two-Face yet and Oswald Cobblepot hasn’t begun calling himself the Pengiun. Likewise Catwoman is unknown to him, and is just a cat burglar he runs into. As with other Batman stories set in this time period, Falcone takes on a bigger villain role than he does in Batman stories set later in his career.

I won’t spoil anything about the story, but the first half of this first episode was feeling more like a “Telltale” story to me than a “Batman” one. That changed at around the halfway point, and by the time it was over I was really looking forward to see where they will take this. It’s not completely original, as Grant Morrison did a similar thing in a story he did during his run where a misdirection was put in place that named Alfred as Bruce’s real father. One of the big story threads in this is similar to that, but it’s a cool hook to build the six episodes on.

Another thing that’s cool about this Batman is that he also used an electronic voice changer like the Ben Affleck Batman does. I thought that was a much better decision than the Christian Bale Batman voice that sounded like Batman smoked a carton a day. It’s cool to see that same concept being used in another version of Batman.

The first episode of Telltale’s Batman story is now available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices for $5. You can buy the episodes individually, or save $5 by getting the digital season pass.