Details on the Batman and \’Other\’ Cameos in Suicide Squad (SPOILERS)



Suicide Squad hits theaters this week, and DC fans are curious how Batman and other characters cameo in the movie. Everyone know Batman is in the movie, he was even included in the original SDCC footage that was released last year. But he’s honestly not in the movie much at all.

Batman is basically only shown in flashback scenes. What you’ve seen in the quick trailer glimpses is one flashback where Joker and Harley are out on a date, and Batman crashes it. The other Batman scenes are with Deadshot (one real, another a vision). Bruce Wayne is seen in a mid-credits scene (after the initial flashy cast credits) where Amanda Waller is shown giving him files on Metahumans to hunt down to form the Justice League.

The other cameo is more surprising. We get to see a flashback to how Captain Boomerang was captured. As comic fans know, he’s a Flash villain and that’s who we see in the flashback. Boomerang tosses a boomerang at Flash, he catches it, and they have some banter back and forth.

There’s also a photo seen of Arthur Curry in the files Waller gives Bruce Wayne. Barry Allen is seen on the second page as Bruce goes through them.