Double Dare Returns



Do you get excited by the phrase, ‘You could answer or double dare them back?’ What about the words physical challenge? If so then dust off your red or blue Double Dare shirt because Teen Nick’s the Splat is returning with an all new episode of the beloved Nickelodeon game show tonight at 10.

All this week the hashtag #MarcSummersIsBack has been asking fans to relive their favorite obstacles (you know you always wanted to pick the nose) while playing episodes of the show, which include pop up facts. Did you know Marc Summers is a certified magician and that helped him land the show?

Tonight at 10 the cast of All That’s Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, Lori Beth Denberg, and Kel Mitchell will be competing. It should be a great show. The reunion of Double Dare and the upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple movie this fall makes me wonder what beloved childhood game show they will revive next!