When is Star Trek Discovery Set?


When CBS released a teaser video of Star Trek Discovery at SDCC this weekend, it introduced us to the new ship…but not much else. That’s caused fans to begin speculation as to when the series is set in the long Star Trek timeline, and there’s a pretty solid theory going around.

First off, Bryan Fuller confirmed at SDCC that Star Trek Discovery will be set in the “Prime” universe. That means it’ll be in the same timeline as all of the previous Star Trek series.

Fans quickly noted that the design of the Discovery itself is derived directly from the Ralph McQuarrie concept art that was done for Star Trek Phase II. Although Phase II was set following the original series, there’s a theory that says the series could be set much earlier.

Based on the design of the Discovery shown in the trailer, especially the warp nacelles, as well as its registry number NCC-1031; many fans believe the series will be set prior to the Original Series but after the events of Enterprise.

Of course, using a registry number as proof of that is unwise as much newer ships have had lower registry numbers in the series. People involved with Star Trek have said in the past to not use them as a basis for ship age, but most fans seem to do that.

I’m kind of leaning towards the series being set before the Original Series due to the look of the Discovery, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was right after the original Five Year Mission but before the start of the movies.

Either way, it’s pretty clear that Star Trek Discovery definitely isn’t set in a post-Voyager era and will be taking fans back to an earlier time in the Star Trek timeline.