Star Wars Episode VIII Officially Wraps Production


Episode VIIIA couple of weeks ago Mark Hamill said that Episode VIII would wrap on July 22nd, and now that has officially happened.

The official Star Wars Twitter account made the announcement today, and unlike the Episode VII announcement that gave us the title of The Force Awakens, we didn’t get the title this time:

Final slate of the final shot. VIII is officially wrapped. Cannot wait to share it with you all! –@rianjohnson

— Star Wars (@starwars) July 22, 2016


We didn’t get the title this time because Lucasfilm has a Star Wars movie coming out in 2016, and revealing the Episode VIII title this early will confuse those casual fans who are already wondering why Rey and Finn aren’t in Rogue One. We’ll most likely get both the title and first teaser trailer on April 13, 2017 when the Episode VIII panel kicks off Star Wars Celebration Orlando.