New Details on Rey\’s Original \’Force Back\’ Vision in The Force Awakens


rey-force-back-vision-force-awakensFans who followed the spoilers for The Force Awakens know that Rey’s vision originally showed a lot more than what made it into the final version of the movie. Now some more details have surfaced about what what was cut, and they’re pretty cool.

A new video has surfaced with editor Maryann Brandon where she talks about the original version of the “Force Back” vision in the movie. The details on it begin at the 29:00 mark of this video interview from back in June:

“She went into this room and then it became the room in Cloud City, which you can still kind of see because we still kept that idea, but then she used to walk down the hall and she saw Darth Vader and Luke fighting. And she saw Darth Vader cut Luke’s hand off. Then she turned around and saw Snoke, or some version of Snoke, vague version of him and a little boy. So all those images we had, they just didn’t have a logic that satisfied anyone enough.”

The original scripted version was even more epic, “In the original script, the original idea Larry and JJ and I guess Michael Arndt had was kind of like a ride through the history of Star Wars.”

StarWarsNewsNet was the site to report that the Bespin duel would be seen in the Force vision, so this appears to confirm that report. There was also apparently a whole lot more in the flashback that was apparently filmed, so it’ll be interesting to see if that stuff will ever be discussed.