Star Wars Celebration Europe Disappointment isn\’t Lucasfilm\’s Fault


2016_Celebration_KEY_ART-1920About a week ago I wrote how people shouldn’t overhype themselves for Episode VIII content at Star Wars Celebration Europe, but it looks like people did. Following the convention (and even during the live stream) people were crying how it was such a disappointment compared to Anaheim last year, but that’s because people went in with unrealistic expectations.

Lucasfilm as never going to reveal the title of Episode VIII at this convention, and they were never going to show a teaser trailer for the movie. But that didn’t stop clickbait sites from claiming those two things will be revealed there, and that contributed to people being overhyped for what they actually wouldn’t see at Celebration.

People kind of forget why Lucasfilm began doing these Celebrations in the first place. The first three were timed to the releases of each Prequel. Then the following Celebrations were for the anniversaries of the Original Trilogy movies. Likewise, the modern Celebrations are there specifically to reveal a new Star Wars movie that is out that year.

Celebration Anaheim last year was for The Force Awakens, and while there was a brief bit about Rogue One on the last day, the focus was for Episode VII. Likewise this year was for Rogue One, and we got an amazing behind-the-scenes piece (some even think it’s better than a trailer) and those in the convention got to see a re-edited version of the existing teaser with some new bits of footage.

That’s not to mention the mind-blowing Star Wars Rebels panel that revealed the awesome trailer for Season Three, which also confirmed that Thrawn is being made canon.

If you want an Episode VIII blowout, you’ll want to pay attention to Celebration Orlando in April. The convention is kicking off right after Rogue One arrives on home video, and that means the convention for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars will kick off with a panel that not only reveals the title for the next Star Wars movie, but the first teaser trailer as well. And that’s going to be a Star Wars overload right there.

Lets just hope people don’t get overhyped for Celebration Orlando revealing a lot of information about 2018’s Han Solo movie…