Star Trek 4 is Officially Happening


Star Trek BeyondEven before Star Trek Beyond hits theaters, a fourth Kelvin-timeline Star Trek is happening. We initially heard that both Pine and Quinto were signed for the fourth movie when they filmed Beyond, and now it sounds like the entire crew will be back for the next installment.

THR broke the news, confirming the rumor over the weekend that the story will feature Kirk meeting his long-dead dad played by Chris Hemsworth. It doesn’t sound like Simon Pegg will be a writer this time as the movie will be written by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. It’s also too early to know who’ll direct it, but based on the positive early reaction to Beyond it wouldn’t be shocking if they wanted Justin Lin back.

Abrams has said that they won’t be recasting Chekov due to Anton Yelchin’s death, but Star Trek has existed without Checkov at the helm before. The animated series featured an alien helmsman instead of Pavel, so it’s not going against established Star Trek canon to have a different character than him at the helm. They could do something very similar in the movies.

No target release date is set for Star Trek IV, but given the previous gaps it’ll be two or three years away.