Lucasfilm Makes Grand Admiral Thrawn Canon in Rebels & New Novel!



At the Star Wars Rebels panel at Celebration Europe this morning, Lucasfilm officially revealed the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

They revealed Thrawn as the major villain in season three of Star Wars Rebels via a trailer. Also shown in the trailer is a ship of the same class as the Outrider (but it’s not Dash’s), as well as the origin of Wedge. The Rebel pilot who bailed out of the Death Star battle was originally an Imperial pilot who defects. The next season of Rebels looks amazing.

There will be no Ysalamari in canon. Dave Filoni said George Lucas himself decided such a thing wasn’t possible in the universe, and they will not be brining Mara Jade into the show or canon.

Also during the panel was a video message by Timothy Zahn. He couldn’t be there because he’s finishing his next novel, which is this:


That’s right. There’s a non-Legends Thrawn book on the way. It’ll release in April of 2017 and will give a canon background for the character!

Here’s the season 3 trailer for Star Wars Rebels complete with Grand Admiral Thrawn!