Lucasfilm\’s Rogue One Celebration Panel Was a Little Bumpy



Early this morning (or evening London time) Lucasfilm presented Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to the crowd at Star Wars Celebration Europe, but not everything went perfect.

The big slip-up was Jian Weng accidentally revealing a death of one of the characters who was there on stage. English isn’t his first language, and he did a great job explaining who his and Donny Yen’s characters are, but he accidentally dropped a major spoiler. Given the tone of the movie I wouldn’t freak out about his revelation. There’s a very good chance none of the characters in this movie will survive stealing the Death Star plans. For all we know it could be their last action before dying to transmit the information on the stolen data tapes to Princess Leia. Kathleen Kennedy did look a little surprised that came out, and people watching the live stream definitely noticed that.

Of course the other big bump in the road was the awesome Behind the Scenes video they revealed. At nearly three minutes it shows off a bunch of new scenes from the movie, as well as the two alien characters who are part of Rogue One but not spoken about on the panel. Eagle-eyed fans also spotted what appears to be Bail Organa and Grand Moff Tarkin in the footage.

They showed this “sizzle” twice, but it became a joke at the end of the livestream as they showed it a third time…while people in the room got to see a new version of the Rogue One teaser.

This one begins with young Jyn running on the beach and is narrated by her describing how the Rebellion keeps falling back and the Empire keeps getting stronger. After all, the events in Rogue One is the Rebellion’s first victory. The majority of the minute-long teaser is of existing footage edited differently from the existing trailer everyone has seen, but it ends with a reflection of Vader on a shiny floor with his breathing heard.

Showing the new teaser only to those at Celebration upset many people watching the live stream, but Lucasfilm was damned if they did or damned if they did’t. Last year people complained at Celebration about everything being livestreamed, as they felt they wasted money on a ticket if they didn’t get something special no one else got to see. So this year they did the special Rogue One teaser just for them. The problem with doing this with a teaser like that, especially Star Wars, is that someone will film it with a potato phone and get it up on YouTube (which has already happened). When it comes to Star Wars trailers, JJ had the right idea at the last Celebration to show it to everyone because Star Wars is for everyone.

Celebration isn’t over yet. There’s two more days of stuff going on. The next big panel people are interested in will be the Future Filmmakers panel on Sunday. This one won’t be livestreamed, but it does sound like Lucasfilm may be releasing some artwork or images from it. We’ll keep you posted on that.

Here’s the Rogue One behind the scenes video if you haven’t already seen it: