Disney May Be Releasing 4K Blu-Rays This Christmas


verizon-force-awakens-tv-spotAre you planning to upgrade to a 4K TV this year? With 4K UHD Blu-Ray drives starting to become more affordable, a lot of people are. But right now fans of Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Disney can’t get their movies on the new format, but that may change this Christmas.

The Digital Bits has heard that Disney may begin releasing 4K Blu-Rays by the end of the year:

And finally, we’re starting to hear rumors suggesting that Walt Disney Studios is getting ready to take its first dip in the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray pool. Multiple sources now are telling us to expect the studio’s first title by the end of this year (with a few retail sources suggesting that Pixar’s Finding Dory may be among the early offerings on the format by the studio). We’ll post more as we hear anything, and obviously update you when any official announcements are made.

While Dory is mentioned, it wouldn’t be shocking at all to see big titles like Captain America: Civil War, The Jungle Book, or even The Force Awakens among Disney’s initial releases. We know Lucasfilm has been toying with new 4K versions of The Original Trilogy (the Blu-Ray versions of the movies) for a while, so it’s definitely something that’s been cooking…