People Are Already Trying to Cheat at Pokémon GO



In its few days on the US app stores, Pokémon GO has officially become the most popular mobile app in US history. That means a lot of people are already trying to game the system and cheat anyway they can to catch the rarest Pokémon. But you need to be careful or you could get locked out of the game…

One thing a lot of people think they’re smart at doing is faking their location on their mobile device to put their avatar somewhere where they can find better Pokémon. They can do this via many different apps that can fake your GPS location. This is a bad idea as it will earn you an hour long ban from the game, and repeat offenses may end up even longer:

Faking your location on your mobile device can get you an hour long ban. #PokemonGO

— Pokemon GO (@PokemonGoHub) July 13, 2016


Another “cheat” isn’t as easy to catch, and it actually may work. The developer Pokémon GO previously developed a similar game for Google called Ingress. The portals in Ingress became Pokéstops and Gyms in GO and the XM spawn-points are likewise where Pokémon spawn.

A reddit user is theorizing that you could use Ingress as a Pokémon GO maphack to find where to capture rare Pokémon. As this isn’t cheating like using a fake GPS app, it’s not exactly something they could ban you for. It’s actually a pretty smart idea to use the game that the developers mined from to create Pokémon GO.