Ghostbusters Banned in China



Everyone knows that international box office is now crucial to big tentpoles earning back their money (just ask Warcraft), but one place Ghostbusters won’t be able to do that is lucrative China.

China famously has very strict censorship laws that don’t generally allow ghosts or skeletons. World of Warcraft actually had to redesign to Forsaken race to get the game released there. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the censorship laws had absolutely nothing to do with the Ghostbusters ban and Sony hasn’t even submitted it there for that:

“It’s been confirmed that Ghostbusters won’t be coming to China, because they think it’s not really that attractive to Chinese audiences,” says one Chinese executive. “Most of the Chinese audience didn’t see the first and second movies, so they don’t think there’s much market for it here,” the exec adds.

This could pose bad news for the movie as it’s not expected to knock Secret Life of Pets out of the #1 box office slot this weekend, and with Star Trek coming next week things don’t look good on the domestic front. Ghostbusters needed a big international release (including China) to make back its budget, and now that looks grim (although people are afraid to say that…).