Marvel is Producing a Mutant TV Series for Fox


x-men-apocalypseCould the ice be thawing? Today Marvel announced that Marvel Television (who produces all of the Marvel TV series) will be producing an untitled pilot for Fox set in the Mutant universe.

This is a big deal as previously Fox would produce their X-Men universe stuff, but this is being made by Marvel themselves. Much like Marvel “creatively” producing Spider-Man Homecoming, this appears to be the first time Fox has allowed Marvel to handle the property. It also means Fox’s “Hellfire Club” TV series is officially dead.

Will this mutant series be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It’s doubtful right now, but if it does end up to be set in the same universe as the other Marvel stuff, this could be the first step to the X-Men joining the rest of the MCU like Spider-Man just did. It also bodes extremely well for a Marvel-produced Fantastic Four movie from Fox…