Why You Shouldn\’t Overhype Yourself for Episode VIII at Celebration Europe


Episode VIII

Star Wars Celebration Europe kicks off this Friday, and while we will get a big Rogue One presence at the show some Star Wars fans are overhyping themselves for Episode VIII reveals. These fans don’t realize that Lucasfilm faces a huge challenge launching the first Star Wars spin-off in 2016, and that’s going to be their laser-like focus at Celebration. There will be Episode VIII information on Sunday, but don’t get too hyped up for major reveals.

You need to remember that until The Force Awakens was released on home video, Lucasfilm’s focus was 100% on that movie. We didn’t get an official teaser trailer release until after the TFA Blu-Ray was released. Also, as for the title, the Episode VII title was released in November 2014. That’s thirteen months before release. Revealing the Ep8 title in July is much earlier than that and would clash with them focusing on their 2016 star Wars movie.

The reason why we got the title in November 2014 wasn’t due to production ending (that was just a coincidence), it was because the very first teaser trailer for the movie was coming that month.

Due to Lucasfilm focusing on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, this is likely how the pre-release marketing for Episode VIII will work out:

April 2017 – Star Wars Celebration Orlando
By the time Celebration Orlando kicks off, it’s likely we’ll have the Blu-Ray of Rogue One out. That means it’ll be time to begin the promotion of Episode VIII. They’ll probably kick off Celebration 2017 with a big Episode VIII panel with the director and cast, while announcing the title and ending the panel with the very first teaser trailer.

July 2017 – D23 Expo 2017
Three months after Celebration, Disney will be holding their bi-annual D23 Expo one week before the San Diego Comic Con. This is most likely where they’ll debut a second (longer) teaser trailer for the movie.

October 2017 – Final Trailer Release
Just like with TFA, they’ll do a final trailer right before tickets go on sale. If tickets go on sale two months before, just like with TFA, that means we’ll see the final trailer in October. Three months after the D23 Expo.

Again, there will be some minor information about Episode VIII and Han Solo at Celebration, but thanks to us seeing a new Star Wars movie in theaters this year the focus will be on Rogue One. You’ll need to wait until next year to get your Episode VIII fix.