New Star Wars Land Concept Art


Star Wars LandDisney has just released a new piece of Star Wars Land concept art, announcing that this piece will be on display in Disneyland. There’s currently a large wall along Big Thunder Trail in Frontierland, and they’ll be putting this artwork on that wall.

The artwork is similar to what they’ve previously released, however this is updated to give an idea of what the area is going to look like along the Rivers of America. It appears as if the most people will see from the Rivers section will be some tall rock formations, which doesn’t really break the theming as that would match the Big Thunder theme. People were worried about seeing a futuristic planet theme from Frontierland, and this seems to soothe those fears.

Also Disney is officially referring to the area as a “Star Wars-themed Land” right now as an official name will be forthcoming.

You can via a high-res version of the art right here.